Adult lesbian games

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There are all kinds of visual novels for all kinds of tastes out there on Steam. Here are the best lesbian adult visual novels to play! All of these games can be found on Steam. Sakura MMO is part of a series of Yuri-like visual novels that support strong female relationships. Sakura MMO has elements of a game within a game as you play as Kotone who is playing as her online persona Viola in a popular online game called Asaph Online.

Adult lesbian games

She is tired of adult lesbian games regular life and finds adventure and fun in this online world. Her character is very different than her actual self. Viola is cruel and tough, but as is often is the case in these visual novels, even her other self has a soft exterior willing to be worn down.

SeaBedas you can surmise from the preview photo here, is a game about love. You play from the perspective of three different woman that each are have an issue surrounding the theme of memories. One is haunted by them, one studies them, and one is forgetting her past for some unknown reason. And yes, this is a Yuri visual novel, so there will be a lot of romantic interactions between the characters as well as they sort out their past.

A Kiss For The Petals is also a series of visual novels and in Remembering How We Met, players are treated to the theme of, well, remembering how the two main characters and lovers, Risa and Miya met. The game will spend time in the present, catching up on their current relationship but also looks back at their time while at St. Highway Blossoms has a very different tone than the other games on this list so far.

It takes place during a roadtrip.

Adult lesbian games

Amber is traveling out west alone in the direction a second gold rush, although her motivations are more complicated as players will begin to learn. Across her journey, she picks up a hitchhiker and, yes, love eventually blossoms on this highway. Although not a super long experience, probably about five or six hours max, it has received enough positive reviews from fan to be classified as Overwhelmingly Positive.

This is a much different vibe than other games on this list. This is all wrapped up in a political drama featuring a young woman who is trying to be an advisor to a problematic prince who has a penchant for stepping on political landmines.

Adult lesbian games

Like Highway Blossoms, Backstage Pass puts players in a unique environment compared the typical visual novel. The story follows a woman named Sian whom is thrust into the entertainment industry and has to navigate her way through this tumultuous time. Backstage Pass also featured a wealth of different choices and endings related to who you want to befriend and work with.

Fusa Konno met a shut-in girl named Seri. Persecuted by her yearning eyes, her heart gradually opened…. Fan of American Idol and other similar talent shows or just rags to riches stories in general? Then Alice in Stardom might be for you. The story follows, Alice, who is thrust into an Idol contest and actually starts the adult lesbian games it through the contest much to her surprise.

The game does feature player choice and based on what you do, you can have various success throughout the competition and date certain characters. Finally we arrive at Fatal Twelve a story about a young woman who runs a cafe. It seems like a normal, average visual novel that is until a train explosion and she sacrifices her life to save her friend Naomi. Somehow, someway though, she wakes up back in her normal life and mystery ensues.

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Adult lesbian games

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