Dream game walkthrough

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Here is a walkthrough with hidden hints for when you get stuck. This room contains a LOCK panel. Put in the correct four letter word to light up one of the circles on the green box to the right of the back door. You are now in the Nursery. Pull the switch on the green box to the right of the back door. Go upstairs. Find the blue key with an orange fob. You are in the Study. There is a LOCK in here. Put in the correct four letter word to unlock the back door. From the entrance turn left, first right, first right, first left,right, left, left, the key is on the pedestal.

You are in Analytics.

Dream game walkthrough

Put in the correct four letter word to turn a light on the door marked EXIT. This is the Bedroom. It contains a winding corridor and a LOCK. Put in the correct four letter word dream game walkthrough add a light to the exit door.

This is the Game Room. It contains a LOCK and a blue key with a brown fob. Turn left towards the stairs. Go left and open the Brown door. This is the Map Room. Put in the four letter word to light the final circle on the exit door. The directions of the journey match the large map in the room and will tell you what to do with the LOCK panel letters. Following the instructions in the book create a journey on the map that matches dream game walkthrough description.

This gives you instructions to move the cursor on the LOCK. East is right, West is left, North is up and South is down. You will probably need to write them down. They are:. Each row represents a room and the floor in that room. The blue highlighted squares represent a letter in the LOCK clue for each room. You are now in the cave. Find the blue leaflet. You now need to solve all eight rooms again with different words.

All the methods you used before will be used again for each room but with clues found outside of it. Start with Analytics. Remember what you did before. Coloured pedestals matched the coloured chalk on the maths problems. Can you find more pedestals? You need find to find out what letters spell out SHOT.

Only left is 0. The code word is SHOE or You need to find objects outside the kitchen that spell out some of the secret code letters from the book in the kitchen. Read the half destroyed note in the cave with purple writing.

Dream game walkthrough

What do these objects have in common? Can you find some more? Put the key in the Analytics window lock. Change the game settings to that on the seed packet. Press touchpad. Change Brightness to 15 you will see the correct symbol appear in the sky Run Velocity to 12 You will see the correct amount of water on dream game walkthrough waterfall Music to 0. The flower will open with a So the code you need is in the order on the seed packet 17,0,12,15 RAMP. Take the gold key. Look in the cave. The starting word should look similar to how the starting word looked in round 1.

The map is in the cave. Copy down the instructions to get to the key in the maze. Press Touchpad and R3 to get back to the menu. Press left on the D-Pad. The title is a LOCK. The water will recede from the island revealing a path. Think like a crossword clue. The wordsearch clues have already been found by you, and then you have to make them plural.

Which one isnt there? All the LOCK clues inside the house can be found but one. You need to find connecting words like you did for the glitched objects but one is before and one is after the word. Final lock clue for the start is LIES. Anagram dream game walkthrough which is……really? You want the final clue handed to you? Shame on you. I hope you found this walkthrough useful for when you got stuck.

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Dream game walkthrough

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Dream game walkthrough

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