Erotic dating games

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Obey Me! At first, Obey Me! But in its own way, this mobile dating sim smashes together visual novel and card RPG mechanics into something so much weirder. Your character goes to an all-demon school with seven demonic brothers. By forming pacts with the brothers, you can give them commands, and you might even find love along the way. With unlockable outfits and character stories, this will keep you coming back for more. Hatoful Boyfriend Ever think dating is for the birds? That's the premise of Hatoful Erotic dating gamesa game where you play a human girl attending a school where all of the students are actually pigeons.

The premise looks and sounds absolutely insane, but the game is filled with a surprising amount of emotional nuance and depth. It may even make you cry, but good luck explaining what the game is all about if someone sees you reaching for the tissues. To stay alive, you must negotiate with various demons and figure out whether you want to date someone angelic or someone a bit hellish. Monster Prom takes that feeling and transforms it into an entire game. You attend a school filled with monsters who are looking for love ahead of prom. By tweaking various stats, you can attract different kinds of monsters.

This sim boasts some great character des and erotic dating games replayability. But as gameplay and animation go, this is actually very solid. Imagine mashing a dating sim with a competitive cooking show and you get the idea. But beware spicing things up for the Colonel. He will settle for nothing less than seven herbs and spices. HuniePop Many games on this list experiment with multiple styles. With HuniePopyou get a dating sim that is part sim and part tile-matching game.

And you can boost your odds by using an in-game currency called HuniePop. The game is set in Victorian London and all of your potential romantic partners are also business rivals. That means luck in love can translate to luck in business.

Erotic dating games

Part of the erotic dating games is that it's completely free. The other reason is that the game is a really unexpected mashup. You go from trading poems with other girls to navigating a bizarre world of horror and mystery. You'll instinctively turn away from what you see in this game, but you'll still be excited to see what comes next.

Dream Daddy Dream Daddy has a cheeky title and a simple premise: you are the gay father to a growing teenage girl and you're trying to date local d. But the gameplay is surprisingly moving and engaging. There are great mini games, unforgettable conversations, and awesome outfits. Honestly, this is the complete dating sim in one package. Negligee Negligee is the rare game that looks like exploitative trash but ends up being a treasure.

You play as a character running a lingerie shop and you must manage in more ways than one your perky new female assistants. Does this sound like a dumb excuse to look at anime girls in their underwear?

Erotic dating games

But the game provides multiple romantic paths, potential partners, and endings. It ends up being genuinely charming and practically requires multiple playthroughs. Share This Image. Tags: gamer wtf cringe wow awesome amazing cool lmao lol sexy pc gaming sex microsoft xbox horny nintendo switch sony playstation meme japan dank japanese dating simulator porn video games nsfw funny lulz.

Erotic dating games Erotic dating games

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