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Copy link to share with friends. By Isabelle Lee. Are you a gamer? Now, some in an industry often associated with toxic masculinity are challenging stereotypes and taking steps toward greater inclusivitycreating teachable moments in the process. So put down your heet and controller for a minute, and take a deep dive into the world of Xbox and avatars. Counterfeit Competitors. There would be no Pac-Man if not for the Yakuza. In the s, Japanese video game company Namco had to contend with counterfeit arcade machines that were being produced by the infamous Japanese mafia.

Frustrations over the Japanese mafia interference eventually inspired Namco to make its own arcade hits, including the iconic Pac-Man. on OZY. Russian Bidding War. Dutchman Henk Rogers, a scout for Nintendo, eventually succeeded in helping the gaming company secure the rights from the Soviets to distribute the game internationally. Before the Big Screen. Broad City has long been one of my favorite TV shows, but I had no idea that before Ilana Glazer cracked us up on the small screen, she was a weed-smoking gamer on YouTube.

Her show, Chronic Gamer Girl, ran for two seasons starting in and features Glazer and her guests playing video games. No technical knowledge required! More Than Just Games. In fourth grade, my favorite day of the week was when we got to go to the computer lab and play the educational video game, Oregon Trail.

on Ozy. WTF Is Ludology? Many parents believe that video games are a waste of time, but gaming can actually help people learn. Game developer Gonzalo Frasca was among the first to turn video games into a field of academic study known as ludologyand he also pioneered their use as educational tools.

InGarabed Khachadour further proved that games can teach, creating the game Mayrig: Paths to Freedomwhich is an interactive story based on true events of the Armenian genocide. Fake News, Beware! What if video games could train you how to discern between real and fake news? Should more teachers be including games like Harmony Square in their curriculum? Anyone Can Be a Star. Not necessarily. Telfer moves between the virtual and real, posting videos that include trick shots filmed live in the rink as well as footage of him getting comfy in front of his Xbox to stream to his followers.

Hanging With the Pros. The drafting process is weirdly girl gone game to that of the physical game. Luxury gaming. What do you get when you mix deer brands and video games? When the Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix won the League of Legends world championship, they were presented not only with a trophy, but also with a Louis Vuitton trunk.

The goal? To turn young gamers into ambassadors for the luxury brands. Inclusivity Sells. Getting Political. She creates games with central themes around sexuality and mental health. A Softer Masculinity. Video games have an undeniably macho reputation: cars, guns and girls. But increasingly, game deers are catering to male players who want to play games that are more realistic and less centered on stereotypes. In the most recent installment of God of Warfor example, the protagonist Kratos becomes a single father. In Grand Theft Auto V, released inone of the protagonists is shown visiting a therapist to get help with his toxic masculinity and to process childhood abuse.

Girl gone game Boost. Researchers think so.

Girl gone game

For example, in the game Papers, Please, you play an immigration inspector for a fictional communist state, playing out an experience deed to make you more empathetic toward migrants. Is playing video games the solution to fixing the plot of your novel or screenplay? The online game Storium brings creatives together to collaborate on a narrative, and it even helps by suggesting obstacles or character strengths for your protagonist. Could gaming help you win a Pulitzer?! Stress Test. Would you play a game that tries to stress you out?

Girl gone game

Nevermind uses external sensors to create gameplay that gets more difficult the more stressed you become. To do this, the player is hooked up to a heart-rate monitor, which will also force the player to take a break if they get too worked up. Poland's video game sales are surging, girl gone game to diversify the economy of the export-driven nation. Female fans and players are finding an esports community — just not in the United States. These games have never been encouraged as professions or hobbies. Win or lose, these games could shape societies and drive tech. Tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are leaping into the world of game-streaming action.

Around the world, a rising tide of artistic collectives and curators are bringing out the next generation of weird indie games. It may be just a game — but with million players, Fortnite is also a cultural phenomenon.

Girl gone game

Users are retaliating against the takeover of video games by so-called loot boxes. Video game sales are slowing in the U. Can geopolitical conflicts be cured through a bit of virtual gaming?. The Winter Olympics in Sochi are set to be the most expensive yet — is it time the blow the whistle on out-of-control costs?.

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Girl gone game

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