Hot wife game

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Damack New Member. Jun 21, 3 0. I just downloaded the latest update on my phone and ran through everything. The ending didn't change or add any more scenes. Did I miss something? Sep 30, 29 I seem to be in the minority here, but I enjoy the gradual build-up. I think the main problem is the slow development, not that the game itself progresses too slowly when you play it.

Luckily there are plenty of other games to play while waiting for new releases. Reactions: gervinhopossibilitiesant and 2 others. Hot wife game Member. May 7, Won't this magnificent game continue? Mar 6, 1, 1, ResmiHardin Newbie. Nov 16, 19 The game has changed from once a month to once every 2months, it allows the dev to release an update that can be classified as a big update over 1 and a half days max 2 days so the story seems faster.

He has since decided to start updating the short tales to give us a bit of excitement until this game gets updated. Right now i feel it should be about 2 updates until we see something more exciting but maybe next months release we will have something more risque.

Hot wife game

Reactions: ant and oh. Btw does anyone know if the dev has plans on making the wife dominate the husband mentally and degrade him on the husbands submissive route in the future?

Hot wife game

Reactions: ant and pmplpm. Meryhaa2 Newbie. Jan 19, 32 Too bad the hotwife doesn't have sex with anyone besides hubby Reactions: drmorganDsandrKingerT and 4 others. Jstforme Active Member. Dec 20, 1, Meryhaa2 said:. Reactions: Claudio83Maconhas and Handlanger. Trapezio Well-Known Member. Sep 28, 2, 3, Zero said:. KingerT New Member. Jul 6, 11 7. Does this game have sound, anybody? Want to make sure it is just how the game is and not an error on my part. Oct 27, Any news?? Reactions: ant Sakibpro0 New Member. Nov 17, 2 1.

What is the patreon password for cheat activation? Capt Price Newbie. Nov 26, 39 Stuck in a loop at Jenny's office scene What should i hot wife game. PinkGoddess Well-Known Member. Apr 3, 1, 1, Can someone tell me what possible routes are in this game? I hope this is not like Annes exciting affection in this way. Rynaight New Member. Aug 4, 10 I like this game, and i'll want translate in spanish Reactions: kamerPinkGoddessTedd and 5 others. Dec 25, 43 This is the latest post. You must be registered to see the links.

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Hot wife game

Reactions: shotzprofbass and TheRobotDevil. ResmiHardin said:. I hate to assume but it looks like another close tease Reactions: ResmiHardin. Game Developer. Aug 31, 1, 11, Edit: Updated to v0. Choices for Hotwife Pts highlighted. Install: Extract to "game" folder, overwrite when prompted. You can find this and all my other content here: You must be registered to see the links. Project Hot Wife 0. Last edited: Oct 10, Reactions: HakkirafugaziKhairus and 45 others.

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Hot wife game

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