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Enter the lab of Dr. Jen Faustus and test out her new device. Meet a cast of fun characters, obey their orders, customize your very own pretty spiral hypno game lose yourself in, and have fun dropping deep into trance! The deeper you go, the better you play. Can't play EXE files? Play the web version! Log in with itch. Playing through your game, I can really admire how well deed the concept was to focus on immersion in a hypnotic setting gameplay-wise.

There's a bit of polish still needed of course, for instance Sal's last task requires to give an answer after some time, but said answer box cannot be interacted with if you decide to start another hypnotist's task beforehand bug observed in the Web version. But as an overall experience, it definitely marks its own spot in the genre! I do wonder, what engine is this game running on if you don't mind me asking? I'm getting crashes in the 1.

Great stuff! Hypno game think this is the first time I've been properly hypnotized Wisper's last event was crazy! It's fascinating what the brain can do. The only small nitpick is that Sal's events don't seem to work properly for me the yoyo doesn't swing in the web version and the game full-on crashes at that point in the.

Hypno game

This game is so fun and I really enjoyed serpent, but when I got to sal it crashed and when I opened it again and got sal again it was just his first message every time I click with him changing positions, this also happened with wisper. This is sad because I was really enjoying the game and the immersion was kinda ruined cause of this.

Super relaxing and blush-inducing game! I absolutely love it, Vinyl! I might be dumb but what's nsfw about this? I beat it fully and i dont understand. Am i just dumb? As someone who has learned hypnosis from articulate resources, and appreciates both the technical and emotional aspects of it, this game is a really great thing to stumble onto. Is there a way to play this on android? I tried to use joiplay but it says "this game is not supported".

Hypno game found this game on complete accident, and out of curiosity I decided to check it out. Before this, I never really had any interest with hypnosis. But, this game completely changed that and surprised me with how well it worked on me. Only issue I really had with the game was at one point. And funnily enough the way this fixed was I was going to give up and awaken from the trance but half way through the awakening process, Wisper suddenly appeared and continued his script.

That aside, I really enjoyed my time with Hypnoscreen and I'm excited to see what will come in the future. I love the simplicity of this. Tried a couple other hypno games out there, but this seems to be the only one that really does anything for me. I even hooked this up to my vr heet through an desktop viewing app and good god this just goes to a whole new level. Love it. Wisper is really good! I thought for sure I wouldn't like them, but they turned out to be great.

I like their personality and hypno game a lot! Also Wisper's color scheme is amazing! Wisper's spiral set to 13 speed with the Spiral event is, no exaggeration, the most mesmerizing thing I've ever seen.

Hypno game

The new voices though, I'm really not crazy about. It'd be nice to have an option to switch back to the old ones, since the new ones are so weird and distracting. My biggest request though would be a way to display the visuals from the spiral or yo-yo event all the time. I wish I could just stare hypno game Sal's Yo-Yo or the Spiral Event especially mixed with Wisper's spiral endlessly without having to wait and re-trigger the event over and over, which really breaks my immersion.

I was having a good time with it when i kinda encountered a bug that threw me out of how I was doing sadly, Kinda ruined the trance but hey, still nice over all. Trying to draw non-existing sprite. After a long day of figuring out what the hell was causing it, this should be fixed now! Sorry I am still getting the same crashes. I haven't hypno game versions so I couldn't tell you if its because of the update or my pc.

Wow I really loved the most recent update, Wisper was so cute and really hit me personally. I hope you add more stuff to the already established characters after you add the new ones of course. Love your work and thank you so much! I've been playing since 1. Sal's last game where he asks you how many times the Yo-yo spins in a minute seems to be broken, I'm trying to click the button to change the displayed, but it's not doing anything. Also it seems pausing the game while in a dialogue softlocks it.

Hypno game

When I click "" the dialogue is gone, but the background keeps moving on its own as if I was still in a dialogue. Okay, so, Autofire doesn't work for me. Could've been patched after I downloaded it I got this a bit back, not sure if there's been a patch since. Easy fix, I just weighed down my spacebar with a bottle.

Otherwise, fun to play with, was a nice distraction. Also noticed the "time dilation" trick you hypno game in there. Pretty sneaky sis! Still unhypnotised though. I don't think I can be, it relies on attention and my brain doesn't like to sit still. Though if there was some endgame way of locking the special events swirl and pendulum, not so much the gem on-screen without having to constantly reactivate them would be handy. I say endgame cos then it can't be used to cheat points with.

My only real problem was the character limit to the custom text, but I think that's my fault for using sentences and not single words. Hey, what's up with this?

Hypno game

I'm not bothered by the delay, it's just strange to me that we're more than a week overdue and as far as I can find there's been no mention of it at all. Also as a bit of experience sharing, while posessed by wisper, I went and got some snacks and ate them! I think the point gem event is bugged.

First, the big one: I don't think autofire should be a powerup you have to buy. Not for something like this. I think that autofire should be a starting feature and active by default, and actually require hypno game through a "Are you sure you want to do this?

Hypno game

I get you wanted interaction, but you need to for repetitive motion strain being a thing. At the absolute minimum you need to spell out that it's there, possibly by making it a forced first purchase. But IMO it should be a default option. I'm frankly surprised I was able to pull it off. That's absolutely understandable about the autofire! I can make some adjustments to make it more clear it's an option. I don't think it needs to be automatic, though, as you can use either the mouse or the spacebar to get to the amount of points needed to buy it.

It's available from the start as the first option in the shop. And there was a bug with the King Cobra's points threshold, which has been fixed now! Really love the new updates and the add 'tists! This game is a lot of fun and very relaxing, so thank you for continuing to work on and update it.

It seems like the concept would still work. There is a mobile-friendly web version over on vinyldragon. I don't have plans hypno game make a mobile-specific version, though, unless there's enough interest in that! Today I noticed that hypno game pendulum event doesn't seem to work in this update. Every time I click on the icon it just disappears without triggering the event. I played this today and it's great! The inductions worked super well for me and I love the idea of having colour schemes for each character, and King Cobra forcing you to use Kaa eyes to do his tasks However, I did encounter problems First is, it'd be great if in the options menu along with Awakener there was Induction, Jen would use her original induction to bring you down.

That way you can submit super easily to him Fifth, more tests for Jen. She is the hypnosis scientist after all, and currently the only test is the affect on how you perceive time. Although again, it's a demo so I'm guessing you're planning on adding more Otherwise, I love the game. If you go to the "tist" menu, and flip the switch, you can replay all of the inductions you've unlocked with each character! Including Jen's first inductions :P.

I get the issue with reading and following. One day, I'll try looking into voice acting, as it seems like the best fix. But unfortunately, this may be a necessary evil for now After having played the 1. I like the new character quite a lot despite me not really being into guysand the new inductions are great.

His personality and humor was funny and I hypno game seeing him grew more confident. My only complaints are the "Back and forth Also, it would be nice to be able to skip the minutes of waiting during Sal's "A Fun Game" test. A possible suggestion I have for the future if you want to add adult content is to have Dr. Thank you so so so much! Wonderful concept done well!

I went into this expecting a cute, short experience I'd definitely been snapped out of it once or twice due to the suddenness of it.

Hypno game

Though that didn't bother me as much the more I played. Edit: I guess I was so into it I didn't realize there was a volume control for this. Otherwise, I really look forward to more content! I'm sure it's only due to my own thoughts and nothing else c. Maybe I was just in a better hypno game today, but I suspect you did a really good rebalance of the pendulum minigame!

I was a little concerned when I realized I'd have to play it to see Sal's content, but it really was completely painless and quite relaxing. Now that you've got it in a comfortably playable state, however, I realize I kinda missed the original point: I found myself looking at the center ring and waiting for the pendulum to meet it, rather than tracking the pendulum. With that setup, the center ring only comes into focus when it matters, and I'm sure you could play hypno game the effect to make it quite interesting. I didn't notice it last time, but the "wave tone" as you've called it is a really great addition to the game!

In fact, all of the audio in this build is just really well assembled. The way the music fades in and out as one switches between clicking in the spiral generator leaving said wave tone in focus and navigating menus is a very nice touch. You really didn't leave me much to complain about! All of this stuff is fairly shallow, you've solved most of my problems already.

Hypno game

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