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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter brynhildr Start date Mar 30, 2dcg animated bdsm creampie fantasy internal view japanese game oral sex pregnancy rape slave vaginal sex. Discussion Reviews 6. First Prev 4 of 6 Go to. Jul 27, 2 0. Jan 4, Howdo Newbie. Jul 21, 22 Well, I've played the game a bit. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy the genres, and the pixel art is great. There was a pixel art "game" I found awhile back called something like Office Harassment where you are basically just clicking through different sex orction game of a woman sitting at a desk in an office.

There's no game to speak of, just great looking animations which you literally just click through.

Orction game

Because of that, it's not really something that keeps the player engaged for more than the length of time it takes to watch all of the animations. It becomes pretty forgettable. Like that office game, this one is similar. You just click a few times to watch some different animations, but there isn't much of a game to speak of here beyond a slight bit of grinding. If these pixel artists could coordinate with someone making a more narrative-driven story I feel like you'd have the makings of a really solid, replayable game here.

Imagine taking a harem management game think mechanics similar to Brothel City, for example and combining it with this. Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like that would be a hit. EDIT: Anyway, sorry for the rambling. Thanks for sharing, You must be registered to orction game the links. CyberiumShadow New Member.

Jun 30, 8 Thanks for ing this. Hboxgames New Member. Apr 2, 4 0. Oh how didn't I found this before? This is my genre man, gotta try this. ThunderZoo Member. Aug 16, What are the cheats? Jun 2, 6, 48, ThunderZoo said:. Reactions: ThunderZoo and ponyguy. Jan 9, 38 Feb 12, 3, 5, Reactions: Ego0XO and jr Apr 7, 3 1. Nice short game, does anyone know if there Sexual Harassment Office somewhere out there?

TrashBoss Member. Oct 8, I absolutely love this sort of art style Infamy Well-Known Member. Sep 25, 2, 1, This game keeps closing I get like 2 minutes in and just insta shuts off anyway to fix this? Infamy said:. Last edited: Apr 16, Reactions: ponyguy. I didn't run into anything like that. I would imagine you might have a corrupt download or extraction. The game is pretty tiny, should give a try to deleting orction game and downloading a fresh copy and see if it still has the same issue. Otherwise one of two things is most likely, you either have something wrong with your system that in interfering with the things you are running hardware problem, virus, etc or you are doing something unnecessary when running the game - you aren't trying to run it with a different locale or anything are you?

This game doesn't need anything like that.

Orction game

Infamy The fact that you are the only one coming forward with this problem tells me it's local to your system. Which means it has to be something related to your setup - hardware, software, or maybe even both. If you're on Windows and using a fair bit of pirated software, I wouldn't be so quick to rule out some sort of virus - especially if you feel confident it isn't related to other software you are running yourself and that your hardware is in good condition and up to the task of gaming. I can't really offer any further help though, It's been over a decade since I last ran Windows and I wouldn't even know where to begin with diagnosing problems.

I run this through Wine on Linux. My initial go to, when I run into problems with games, is to run them in a console so I can look for any sort of error reporting that may be going on. Then I just go from there, searching for info on the sort of errors I find and see if they lead to a solution. Aug 28, 39 I've played it orction game I must say if you are looking for a story or at least something to keep you occupied for an hour then you are in the wrong place. Although as a game is actually decent in comparison to other tries I've seen so thumbs up!!!!

Kackfresse Newbie. Oct 29, 75 Is there a way to uncensore this game? Can't submit request via lewd patcher. MCAderNegus said:. Make the game from scratch and every single pixelated animations without mosaic. That way you can have an uncensored version of the game - unless someone makes something orction game happened to Osake Riesz where someone uncensored the whole game by himself. Calm down, some games are uncensored itself but with a mosaic in front of. How should I know if a game gets created with pixellated genitals from the beginning and not edited after.

Games that are published especially for DLSite as an example. Reactions: F1forhalp. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Orction game Orction game

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