Platformer sex games

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Any self-respecting gamer had to have played side-scrollers in their gaming career, a genre that was especially popular during the late 80's and early 90's. Plenty of people got into this medium of entertainment by playing Super MarioSonic the Hedgehog, DOS classics like Rayman, Commander Keen and Prince of Persia, or something from a similar legendary platformer sex games, and they know exactly how fun these platform games can be.

Things get even more fun and heated when an extra layer of nudity, lewd content and even hentai scenes are added to the mix, and those are exactly the kinky type of games we'll be checking out in this article! Jumping, running, gathering collectibles and power-ups, finding secret paths, defeating opponents, moving platforms, and advancing through levels is something no other genre provides in the same way as the good old side-scrolling video games. And, once you add an adult element to the mix and turn a side-scroller into a porn game, the experience becomes even better. With the adult titles listed below, you'll going to have a blast!

Platformer sex games

Eroico Quickly reaching cult-status among erotic platformers, Eroico is the perfect example of a game done right. Not just that, it's also the type of game that gives you some serious flashbacks of the good old bit era, a time in which Super Mario games were having their glory days. Even if this wasn't an adult title and if you'd take away all platformer sex games on-screen sex, it would still be immense fun to play.

There are different stages, each with a unique de, setting, background, soundtrack, different characters, sound effects, and more. You can level your character up and gain new skills to advance further. Combat is both fun and moderately difficult while perfectly balanced, making the game challenging enough to play, yet never too tough to make you rage-quit. And, the best thing about it, is that every enemy is a potential sex partner. Whether you get beaten, or you defeat them, you get to enjoy the lewdest animation and hentai-style art. Lillian's Adventure or the full title - The Sage's Tower and the Great Cave Labyrinth is an awesome little gem amongst adult platformer games and in terms of sexual explicit content, platformer sex games game totally delivers.

From solo masturbation and lesbian action to horny monsters, tentacles, lactation, urination and so on. It's going to be a wild ride! Lillian is a female adventurer of a race known as the "elf rangers". Lillian and her physical and magical abilities must somehow survive all the horny creatures she comes across on her kinky little adventure Can you guide her through?

It's also one of the very few hentai side-scrollers that's playable on Android devices, but there's also a PC release. Magical Miri is what you get when you cross adorable visuals and colorful art styles with interesting gameplay and plenty of hardcore, porn action. The anime approach to this 2D side-scroller gives it that unique charm you can only experience while controlling this lovely, blue-haired magician who not only comes with powerful spells and thick curves but also has a particularly sexy and arousing lewd voice.

The more damage you take, the more clothes your character strip which makes it almost fun to lose. Fortunately, the gameplay is perfectly balanced, offering just enough challenge to keep things interesting as you enjoy a non-linear progression.

With more than 25 enemies, with 5 mini bosses and 5 bosses, puzzles, an unlockable gallery, and different endings, this game has it all.

Platformer sex games

Magical Miri might be the title that offers the least amount of nudity lewds only, no nudesbut if you're a fan of the classic platformers from the 90s, you'll be loving the charming Magical Miri over here anyway. Crisis Point: Extinction is a Metroidvania-style side-scroller. Everything in this game is polished to absolute perfection. From retro-style visuals and breathtaking animation to the atmospheric soundtrack, stunning character de, and more, this hentai side-scroller is as premium as it gets and does a fantastic job at capturing the old bit style pixel art.

Tentacles incoming! There's even a story where you learn how a virus altered humanity, making it so that only females are born, who then go on to fight various mischievous creatures while looking for a cure. There are both sprite porn animations and CGI galleries to unlock while playing 5 unique platformer sex games and encountering enemies and bosses. There are even two different endings. The demo version is available as a free download, go check it out! Erolyn Chan Fight is a captivating action side-scroller game with a focus on graphics.

You get to play as a beautifully done redhead platformer sex games also comes complete with voice acting and smooth animation. She's a young sorceress on a quest to defeat monsters and protect a nearby village and that is precisely where your adventure starts.

As you progress, you get to improve your skills and abilities, allowing you to take on more demanding challenges. However, even if you do get defeated, a consolation prize is that you get to enjoy some of the most erotic hentai action. From high-quality artwork to dirty, in-game fucking, you'll often be glad you succumbed to that naughty boss fight. When it comes to Freya's Potion Shop, there's no game that's both cute and perverted as this one. Now that sounds exactly like my cup of tea!

You assume control of a petite, pink-haired cutie on a quest to save her mother from Mr. Manji, her evil captor. And the kidnapping could not have happened at a worse time, considering Freya had just opened her potion shop. Fortunately, now she can use the knowledge of potion-making to navigate more than 18 different stages as she encounters all kinds of enemies and obstacles.

With more than twenty unique hentai animations, this tiny hottie goes from jumping around to sucking futa fairies off or using her wet pussy and tight asshole to overcome kinky challenges. Kunoichi Rush is one of those games where you'll never get bored of being defeated. As a matter of fact, you'll probably want to go down and dirty with any enemy in sight, just to see that next, well-done animation. Kunoichi is a hot female ninja you get to play as in this fast-paced side-scroller filled with all kinds of tentacle-like vines and monsters. There are 9 completely different stages that will take plenty of time to explore and, on top of that, 9 unique enemies to toy with.

Whether you're into kinky in-game animation that happens quite often, or you prefer CGI stills that you get to unlock, collect, and enjoy, this game has it all and is a blast to play. Ice and Fire of Maiden takes a visually different kind of approach to platformers. While the majority of games go for the pixel art style bit like or cartoon-ish take on the graphics, however, this title right here is a photo-realistic semi 3D game, where the girls are as hot as it gets.

And, as if that wasn't enough, you get to control a lesbian Viking pirate who finds herself on an island filled with gorgeous chicks cursed to be eternally horny. On top of that, you get to enjoy this title in different ways. The main game mode plays like a 2. But, there's another aspect of Ice and Fire of Maiden where you can create custom characters and make a scene to watch from any angle you see fit. While side-scrolling games were platformer sex games popular during the 16 bit-era, the "endless runners" genre became widely popular amongst modern day smartphone users.

If you're into fast-paced, straight-to-action, jump 'n' run style platformers, then BoobRun Deluxe is definitely a pick for you.

Platformer sex games

Simplified controls are only there to get you to focus on other things. For starters, the name, while silly, is pretty self-explanatory as the girl you get to control is a rather busty hottie. Boobarella, which is the name of our heroine, does her best to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, aliens, and other monsters. Your only chance is to run and shoot your way through this cartoonish and sexy world. Whether you're into upgradable buffs and skills, collectible outfits, hair colors, and achievements, or high-quality art and animation, you'll find plenty of all of that while competing with players all over the world for a high score.

If you enjoy the aesthetics of Super Mario and, let's face it, who doesn't? The gameplay, however, is quite different from the aforementioned mainstream title. Witch Zoe is a combination of a puzzle and a platformer game. With shuffle mechanics and enigmatic obstacles, you'll thoroughly enjoy being this kinky, redhead witch who keeps going even after losing all of her clothes. Pixel art makes the gameplay more attractive but there are plenty of unlockable adult scenes to marvel at. As a bonus, there's an enthralling story to follow along as you progress all 65 different levels.

Lewd Leaf Land - Maple Tea Dreamery takes the adorable pixel art to a whole new level by adding a good amount of lewd content on top of the cute-style graphics. The premise is simple: Molly, a cute and busty brunette goes to the woods to platformer sex games ingredients for maple tea. What she realizes too late is that it is midnight, and a full moon nonetheless. While exploring a beautiful map, our lovely character, with a pair of bouncy tits, encounters all kinds of creatures sporting massive dicks, and you get to enjoy plenty of kinky hentai scenes.

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Discover the best naughty platform games for adults Jumping, running, gathering collectibles and power-ups, finding secret paths, defeating opponents, moving platforms, and advancing through levels is something no other genre provides in the same way as the good old side-scrolling video games. Nov 18, Share platformer sex games article. Check out this Steaming hot Porn Game. Follow this kinky Gamer Girl on Snapchat. Play Time! Ready to get your hands dirty?

Time to stroke that "Stick of Joy". Dating Sim. College Life. Can you turn this little boring college town into the sexual paradise it once was and make all these "good girls" get dirty again? With this 3D Hentai Sex Simulator, you'll get to decide what spicy things you want to do with these busty Waifus next! Turn based RPG.

Chick Wars. Collect the horniest hentai maidens in the land while fighting off your enemies in this turn-based card game for adults!

Platformer sex games

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Platformer Sex Games