Spanking games tumblr

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When Mistress is angry with me, should She discipline me on the spot or do You think it appropriate that She waits until the weekend to session, giving Her time perhaps to cool down and perhaps change Her mind? I personally believe that it should be meted out whenever and wherever discipline is required. My husband knows exactly what to expect when he needs a spanking. Nice try. Forgiving him afterwards, yes, always…. That would not happen.

My husband does and I will never let him down.

Spanking games tumblr

I am still in disbelief that you would say such a thing, young man! You know better, but clearly even a husband needs his wife to go into Mommy mode for strict discipline from time to time. What was supposed to be a relaxing Sunday for us has now become a day when your bare bottom gets a good hard spanking and your mouth has to be washed out with soap! I know I will never hear that word come out of your mouth again, not after today! You are loved and I know what you need.

Answer me, young man! What was the last thing I said when I left the house this morning? You let them sit all of yesterday and then left the sink filled overnight. I should have spanked you right then! A scorching hot bottom might have set your priorities straight for today. But no, you had one more chance and now I get home and find you got lost in a video game? You need to get in the bedroom right now and get the bath brush out, because you are going to be soundly spanked! Yes, you need to move now, before I have to take you in there myself…. When I am finished you will be a sobbing, red bottomed, hot mess….

I know what you need…. Each and every time you exhibit such behavior, your bare bottom spanking games tumblr going to be soundly spanked, I promise you! You are going to spend time in the corner after this and before we go to bed tonight, your bottom will be strapped for the lying tongue that apparently took over your common sense this afternoon.

The next time I tell you something, I expect that you will listen and do what you need to do. I know what you need. Ten more weeks to a happy husband and a happy life…. You know that I adore you. Once the spanking is over, there is love and forgiveness. The focus is on comfort and his sense of well being…he has my complete attention and he is my only concern. He will always know how loved he really is…without question. There is nothing left of whatever prompted the spanking in the first place, no anger or bad feelings.

A good cry, along with a sore bottom, cleanses away any sense of guilt. Everything is right again. We will never go to bed mad, because I will take care of it long before then. And maybe reinforce it at bedtime, if necessary, again with love afterwards. An FLR has to be the perfect relationship. A spanking cleanses the slate and keeps a man grounded and centered with spanking games tumblr and focus. In our relationship, there is an expectation regarding his behavior and he knows the rules.

Does he still break them? But I know how to take care of that. I know what he needs and will need in the future. We have had that discussion and he knows and understands that he needs it. We both have found exactly spanking games tumblr we need and are very much in love. We will be married in just over 3 months and I have to say neither of us has ever been happier. A bare bottom spanking is absolutely an act of love. An FLR keeps a marriage well-balanced and focused with an eye on the most important aspects of life and gives a healthy, happy relationship clarity.

What did you just say? Do you have anything else to say, young man? Yes, I do have dog ears and you are about to get a bare bottom spanking!

Spanking games tumblr

I am going to take your pants down and then your underwear will them…At that point, your bare bottom is going over my knee and I am going to use a hairbrush to turn it a very hot and angry red while you sob! Pleading is not going to do you any good spanking games tumblr. Welcome to your future…. Happy wife, Happy life. In the aftermath of the spanking you desperately needed and richly deserved, you will find comfort in my arms.

With your bare bottom burning brightly and your tears falling against my breasts, I will wrap my arms around you and lovingly soothe your bottom with a gentle caressing hand. I will watch quietly as your sobs subside and your tears slow down. Happy wife, happy life. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. My wife and I enjoy the domestic discipline lifestyle because once the spanking is given, there are no lingering bad feelings, as the slate is wiped clean, at least until the next time.

And, of course, as you have mentioned, the importance of aftercare to show the love and caring cannot be forgotten. The fact that it manifests in good sound spankings emphasizes the love and nurturing elements of your relationship. To some of us regardless of the intensity that is displayedbeing held bared and otk of our partner is an act of love. Recently Liked.

Spanking games tumblr

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Spanking games tumblr

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