Vagina games online

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By Shoshana Sperling May 22, In an era when we are all trying to limit time our screen timeI find myself scheduling in a new video game. I even set an alarm so that Siri would remind me to play. Pac-Man in the day she was obviously a feminist and I was sympathetic to Frogger his goals seemed so counterintuitive to his species. But here I am, 48 years old, living like a stereotypical teenaged boy, playing vids in my basement in the middle of the day. A sensitive mission.

Vagina games online

Very, very special ops. This was no Call of Duty but instead a mobile app that helps women overcome urinary incontinence something I had an overflowing knowledge of. Besides, who says no to playing with their best friend? A delicate white package was delivered to my door containing the most elegant little magenta phallus-like contraption that looked more like a smooth, curvy doll than a muscle training device.

And to make the gameplay even smoother, disinfectant spray and K-Y Jelly also in the box. The device gauges how well you contract your pelvic floor muscles, measures their squeezability and sends that data to your phone.

Well, now your pubococcygeus and iliococcygeus or your inner-clam muscles can get super pumped. Getting your bush in shape has never been easier. First, I had to set up my and select a setting: pre- and post-pregnancy, preventative, urge incontinence, stress incontinence or intimate well-being which I took to mean getting all beefed up for sex.

I picked vagina games online incontinence—it seemed like it might have more playability for me. Now this was not my first barbecue. It was FUN! On my iPhone screen I saw my butterfly character flapping patiently as I inserted the pre-lubed pink doll into my fuzz muscle. The game instructed me to contract and release my pelvic floor muscles to connect to my on-screen character and begin my joyful journey.

And joyful it was. The delightful music mixed with the popping sounds represented my vaginally-steered butterfly collecting fairy lights as it floated over graphics of a pleasant Dutch hillsides dotted with windmills and trees.

Mountains, dark with the aurora borealis and now my condor! I killed that level. My fur purse was getting a high score and, not to brag, but I was a natural.

Vagina games online

Frogger can stick it. My vag could have devoured Ms. A vertical smile.

Vagina games online

While stopping and starting my urine flow was a little more like multi-tasking, this platform had a lot more playability. Did it feel good? Like, solo afternoon delight? If you are looking for that good times feeling, this is the wrong pink thing for the job. However, over the next few weeks I had a lot of technical difficulties. It all confuses me as if I were a year-old just hearing about the internets.

While laying on my back in Pap-position, I kept losing connection to the device. I would move my hips to make my on-screen character change flight pattern instead of using my pelvic floor. With that wee detail taken care of, my instincts kicked in.

I became so focused on my high score instead of the vagina games online outcome, to strengthen my pelvic floor. Not only was I competitive with myself, but I was also intent on beating my vagina. Oh yes, I did make new muscles. The thing works. I was sure I could squeeze enough limes for a Thai dressing.

I became toned. But even though my beaver bulked up, and I saw the potential for successfully curbing incontinence with this app and its cute little magenta friend, video games are still super-addictive. : How to spot and treat a diastasis recti The truth about pelvic prolapse. Women's health You play this video game with your vagina This device and app make Kegel exercises a whole lot more entertaining. We tried it! Photo: Shoshana Sperling. Photo: Perifit. Joseph Communications uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes.

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Vagina games online Vagina games online

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